Dual Axis vs Combined Axis in Tableau

Dual-axis vs Combined Axis| Blended Axis | Shared Axis In Tableau, there is something interesting like dual-axis and combined axis. I like to explain in detail about dual-axis and combined axis in this article. Let’s get started. Dual Axis Dual Axis contains two axis Two measures are required. One mark card for each axis is created.

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Tableau Beginners Tutorial

A Simple Introduction to Tableau. Photo by Shrey Chapra from Pexels Tableau is one of the data visualization tool that is used for creating interactive charts , dashboards. In this article, I have explained some basic components and charts in tableau. Measure and Dimensions Discrete vs Continuous Measure Names vs Measure Values Marks Card Show Me Different types

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10 Important Tips for Using Nested Lists in Python

Reverse, flatten, convert to a dictionary, and more Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels Python List is one of the most important data structures. Python list can contain sub-list within itself too. That’s called a nested list. While working with the python nested list, I came across some scenarios. I have shared those in this article. Like

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5 Different Ways to Copy List in Python

Copying Python List Photo by Julia Filirovska from Pexels In this article, I have covered different ways to copy lists in python. 1. Assignment Operation We can copy the list using assignment operation = copied_list=original_list Both original_list and copied_list will point to the same list object. https://gist.github.com/IndhumathyChelliah/b55c82c8f02a19f9e9fa93877044e257 Modifications done in original_list will be reflected in copied_list and

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