Inferential Statistics for Data Science

Basics of Probability, Probability Distributions Inferential Statistics Inferential Statistics allows you to make predictions(inferences) from data. Most often, we will work with a large amount of data for data analysis. So, we will take a sample of data and make predictions/inferences from the sample by using inferential statistics. But while predicting, we can’t find the

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Understanding Python 3.7 Dataclasses

Python dataclasses Python dataclasses is a built-in module which provides a decorator and functions for automatically adding generated special methods such as __init__() and __repr__() to user-defined classes. dataclasses is supported in Python version 3.7 and above. Importing dataclasses module: from dataclasses import dataclass dataclasses is a module which contains dataclass. dataclass is a decorator

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Essential Math for DataScience — Linear Algebra

Row Vector, Column Vector, Dot Product Linear Algebra for Data Science A good understanding of linear algebra is much needed for understanding many machine learning algorithms.  In this article, we will learn about vectors, the dot product of vectors, and the geometric representation of the dot product in detail. Table of Content How point is represented as a

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Confusion Matrix — Clearly Explained

  Confusion Matrix In machine learning, the confusion matrix helps to summarize the performance of classification models. From the confusion matrix, we can calculate many metrics like recall, precision,f1 score which is used to evaluate the performance of classification models. In this blog, we will learn about the confusion matrix and the metrics calculated from

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