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In this article, I have updated all my links to my Python blogs in the medium.

Python data structures

  1. An Introduction to Python List
  2. An Introduction to Python Dictionary
  3. An Introduction to Python Tuple
  4. An Introduction to Python Set

More on Python data structures

  1. 7 Different Ways to Merge Dictionaries in Python
  2. Mathematical Set Operations in Python
  3. 15 Things to Know to Master Python Dictionaries
  4. 10 Ways to Convert Lists to Dictionaries in Python
  5. Dictionary View Objects 101
  6. Top 25 Questions on Python List
  7. Merging Lists in Python
  8. List, Set, Dictionary Comprehensions in Python
  9. How to Use Lists As Stacks and Queues in Python
  10. Iterable vs Iterator in Python
  11. Unpacking Lists and Tuples in Python
  12. 5 Different Ways to Sort Python Dictionary
  13. 10 Important Tips for Using Nested Lists in Python
  14. 5 Different Ways to Copy List in Python

Operators in Python

  1. Concatenation (+) and Repetition (*) in Python
  2. The Special Meaning of Underscores in Python
  3. New Union Operators to Merge Dictionaries in Python 3.9

Python Basics

  1. Object Value vs Object Type vs Object Id in Python
  2. Exploring Python Basic Terms

Loops in Python

  1. 4 ‘Else Clauses’ in Python
  2. Break, Continue, and Else Clauses on Loops in Python
  3. Looping Techniques in Python

String Methods:

  1. Different Ways to Replace Occurences of a Substring in Python Strings
  2. New String Methods to Remove Prefixes and Suffixes in Python 3.9
  3. 5 Different Ways to Remove Specific Characters From a String in Python
  4. split() vs. partition() in Python Strings
  5. Remove Whitespaces from Strings in Python
  6. 5 Ways to Find the Index of a Substring in Python

Importing Packages/Modules

  1. Importing Packages in Python
  2. Importing Modules in Python

Indexing and Slicing in Python

  1. Indexing vs Slicing in Python

Functions in Python

  1. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Python Return Statements
  2. 5 Types of Arguments in Python Function Definition

Built-in Functions in Python

  1. An Introduction to the Python Range Function.
  2. Shallow Copy vs Deep Copy vs Assignment in Python
  3. Different Ways of Using Sorted Function in Python
  4. How to Use Key Function in Max() and Min() in Python

Higher-Order Function:

  1. Exploring Map() vs. Starmap() in Python
  2. Reduce() vs Accumulate() in Python
  3. Filter() vs Filterfalse() in Python
  4. Understanding Higher-Order Functions With Simple Examples in Python


  1. A Comprehensive Guide to Pandas for Data Science
  2. Indexing and Slicing Python Pandas DataFrame
  3. Sorting a Python Pandas DataFrames by Index and Value
  4. String Operations on Pandas DataFrame


  1. How to Index Data in Python Numpy Arrays
  2. 10 Ways to Create Numpy Arrays
  3. Beginner’s Guide to NumPy for Data Science

I will keep on updating this article whenever I write any articles on Python.

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